How Do Glyconutrients Work?

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With proper cellular communication, your body has the ability to reverse any health condition!

The science is based on Glyconutrients; plant-based natural carbohydrates required for optimal health, yet lacking in the ‘fast food’, highly-processed, green harvested food chain that makes up most of the normal American diet.

The individual cells in our bodies use Glycoproteins, much like the Braille bumps used by the blind, for information and communication. If the bumps on an elevator or other signs were damaged or altered, a blind person would get confused and have great difficulty finding his or her way around. Our immune system cells roam around the body all day long rubbing up against these “Glyco Braille Bumps” attempting to discover the identity and condition of our cells. There are approximately 200 carbohydrates in nature; eight of which are essential for human health. Unfortunately, we only get two of them in our normal diets, so our immune system attempts to operate much the same as the blind person using damaged Braille bumps.

When our immune system cannot communicate properly with our cells, our systems get confused, and fail to protect our body from day-to-day attacks, which can result in even more serious conditions.

New research has shown that certain sugars are “biologically active” and do not convert to glucose when consumed.  Instead, these “eight essential sugars” or glyconutrients attach to proteins on the surface of cells to form a complex system for cellular communication, the “operating system” of the body.

As your cells touch one another, they communicate through this “sugar code” everything cells need:
nutrition, repair, defense, and hormone response. Without these surface sugars, your body’s “operating system” breaks down.

Our cellular alphabet is made up of eight molecules of which two are found in our diets. The English alphabet is made up of four shapes. Remove just one (25%) and you can see the result.


Researchers who study this cellular communication proclaim it to be the most important discovery in the history of medicine… the key to a long, healthy life!

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